Aug 29, 2007

Perfect Vs Imperfect

Learning from the past:- " The problem in trying to be perfect or atleast posing to be near-perfect is that one mistake would crush up that entire edifice..And it would be a pain to recover. " ..

Recent Learning:- " The problem in being imperfect is that you might get blamed for mistakes happening around you because of your imperfect nature even-though you are not responsible for it ".

Current Mood :- Philosophic & Confused.


Cuckoo said...

Oh Oh so confusing and yet so true !! :P

Anonymous said...

i, as a Libran seeking balance in all things dear to me, have decided (after rather long error-ridden trials and contemplation) that all philosophies are flawed. ultimately it comes down to the theory that is the least flawed. thank God that that is one situation-specific condition.

nice place you have here :)

Dimple said...

That was so true...though I dont know my category..:P

Flyaway Mind said...

Hmm.. learnings from corporate world!!!