Feb 27, 2007

Airtel Ban Gaya CrorePathi

Right from the day A.B. senior started presenting KBC -1, I was pretty much interested in that..I remember once in those days of land-line telephone system, I used to sit at home and try dialling those inaccessible Mumbai telephone lines and try to answer the questions given by them..
In those days, there was no funda of questions being flashed in the screen during the program..U call them ,if u r fortunate to get connected they'll ask u a question, for which u have to dial the answer in that IVRS . I remember getting connected twice and answering those questions, only to lose out in the next round of random selection... Now, in KBC-II and KBC-III after the advent of airtel, the situation is actually much worse..

I subscribed to an airtel package ( 99/- ) wherein they SMS me the questions and I've to SMS the answers to get shortlisted for random selection.. The charges are 2.4/- per SMS..
To tell u how airtel makes money, just have a look at the KBC entry questions coming out everyday.. ( This is from the collection of Airtel SMSes that I've been receiving almost everyday ..I dont have the entire collection as I deleted many )

1. An ENT treats which part of the body
A . Eye B. Ear C.Skin D . Hair

2. Which of these sports are exclusively meant forPhysically challenged ?
A. CommonWealth B. Paralympics, C. Winter Olympics, D .Summer Olympics

3.Which of these cannot be usually bought with ration cards
A. Rice B.Petrol C . Kerosine , D . Wheat

4.What are 5-day cricket matches between two nations called ?
A. Exams B.Tests C.Innings D.Holidays

5. Which of these is an ancient tradition in which woman chooses her husband ?
A. Swayam vara B. Sambandh C.Swayambhu D .Sanskar

6. Which Business group is setting up an automobile plant in Singur
A. Aditya Birla , B. Bharti, C. Tatas D .Walmart

7 . ( Crappiest Question ) Which character in TV Serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi is nicknamed 'KT'
A. Keshu Tufani B. Krishna Tulsi C.Kanta Tai D.Kishan Talwar
-- For academic interest, does anybody know the answer to this ???

-- I guess anyone using a cell phone can answer all the questions except last one.. Now, if Airtel receives one lakh SMS atleast, they make 2.4 L per question..Wonder how much they have earned till now...

-- Having said this , there were some reasonably tough questions which they sent, upon which I wasted my money by sending SMS.. I think I've contributed some 800/- odd to this stupid Airtel KBC fund :( .

And yeah, if u too are interested, u can check the entry questions coming out every day at



N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Well , Well :) . Some people are not only inspired by money but also by a chnace to meet SRK :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@ NC -- :) True.. But I'm rather inspired by money :D

Anonymous said...

KT -> "Krishna Tulsi"


Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Vinay -- Oh.. U see that Ekta Kapoor stuff :) Hats off to u :D ..And yeah, thanks for the information..Now I know whom to contact if further KyunKi Saas questions come up :)

Anonymous said...

Well, dont underestimate the power of the Internet. Look what I found in 0.28 seconds....the kyunki wiki ;)


And it is under dispute...lol !!

I have never seen Kyunki and dont plan to watch it in future either.


Hitchhiker said...

In the get-rich-quick business, it's important to cultivate a zen-like non-attachment to the hundreds of rupees you spend on sms's ;)

But gosh - the quality of the questions seems like an open advertisement for all dummies. (Even I could answer it!! and I consider myself an extremely bad quizzer)...Ajith, We could come out with an Idiot's guide to KBC success ;) Wot say u ? We'd make tons and tons of money :D...

Hitchhiker said...

Idiot's guide to KBC success is what I meant...I am not sure if I wrote internet sucess. I was reading about a Nigerian scam ( in which they say my uncle in Nigeria has died leaving a will of 10 million dollars. I want to use that money...blah blah blah ) thingy before I read your post :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@vinay -- Kyun Ki Saas... has reached wikipedia too.. Interesting :)

@hitchhiker --Thats a good idea :)..Maybe i should have kept that entire SMS collection with me :(
-- Nigerian scams, yeah.. Major Sani Abacha & co are now household names :)

Flyaway Mind said...

saas-bahu serial viewers might be typing away to glory the answers. didnt know watching it might improve my gk & might even turn me into crorepathi:)) seems you are incurably hooked on to giving them profit!!!

Anurag said...

after reading the questions...i think i too shld give it a shot ;o)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@flyawaymind -- Yeah, it can really turn u into a crorepathi :)..And at this rate, lot of contribution to that will come from my telephone bills :D

@anurag -- Yes man.. Giv it a shot..SRK would love an IIMA student there :)

Sreejith Panickar said...

5 day cricket matches are called HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

Arun said...

No wonder airtel shares doubled

Serendipity said...

ROFL. 2.4 is pretty decent. here it is 6 per minute.

But I never knew that the qs were this dumb

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@sreejith -- when India plays a test abroad, there is a good chance that the last two days can turn out to be holidays.. Maybe that what they meant :$

@Arun -- Yeah..They have reaped the benefits.. :) .Thanks for dropping by :)

@chaos -- Lets experiment ;)

@serendipity -- oh..6/- is criminal :) .. If thats the case, they'll be reaping crores easily

Dimple said...

Heyy I think KT== kkishan Talwar

tha was hilarious !!!..:))

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@dimple --oh..:) Another one from Kyunki audience :) good.

Bullshee said...

He He....the Kyunki question was too much!How is anyone who is sane supposed to know that?!!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@bullshee -- thats true.. Remember the never-ending asianet saga - "Sthree " :)