Jan 25, 2007

Shilpa Shetty and her Big Brother

I just wanted to wait till something like this came up to blog on this issue.. The story goes like this.. Shilpa goes to London to participate in Reality TV's show - The Big Brother -- which is known to make fun of its participants by all kinds of means ...There have been racist,sexual, feminist and all other kinds of allegations to this show over the past few years.. Mainly C-grade celebrities take part in this show for the prize money and publicity... Lot of celebrities have walked off the show vowing never to take part in that again... Under such circumstances, and when being offered a princely sum of 350000 pounds just for participation, our bollywood star should have understood that what was in store for her was not a cat-walk session.. And, to know about the credentials of participants in the show, do a google image search for "Jade Goody" , the main 'accused' in this so-called controversy.. and see what comes up in the first three pages..

What puzzles more is why Indian Government is wasting its time and resources in this issue ? The visit of next expected British PM - Gordon Brown - was dominated over this.. The cheap publicity protests and everything like that have emerged from the so called society ladies and gentlemen... Heard somewhere in capital that VHP conducted a protest march over this ( I dont have links for this story ..so could be false ) ... The things said about Shilpa could have been utterly disgusting or insulting..But as per the reality show rules, she can walk out at any moment forfeiting her prize money.. Racism do exist in the world. And it cannot be removed overnight.. What ever you do, there will be narrow-mindedness in some.. And , making such a big hue and cry over this and that too over such a show, its nothing but cheap publicity..

I'm overwhelmed by the number of links that comes up over the search of this issue..
Ultimately, the winners are 1) Reality show & Big Brother -- for the ad-revenues and publicity that they are getting.. 2) Jade - Who's rather unknown outside reality TV and pornographic industry .. and Shilpa , for having a big boost to their careers and becoming celebrities..
And the losers - 1) The media - who highlight anything from Aishwarya Rai's fall from a bicycle to whats being said about Tanzania's trade policy as flash news..
And 2) We ( me included ) , who get hooked up to news channels watching such crappy stuff ..


( P.S : Only things that keep my interest over this are the few possible quiz questions that I can frame out of this .. and if at all, is there a chance for people like me to participate in this show for the phenomenal participation fee itself ?? .. plus , I want to read the articles that feminists like Shobha De writes about these.. If any of u have any info over these, please pass it to me.. )


Unknown said...

Interesting...I wrote something about this incident recently, though with a different intention...yeah I know..vinay craving for cheap publicity through your blog :P


Deepak said...

Yikes! Lucky I didn't open the search from office.. :D

I don't even consider it a racial abuse. They are swearing at Shetty and calling her names, but I didn't hear any comment of "racial" type in the clips shown on yellow channels like Times Now.

Vishwas Krishna said...

Racism was the word that did the trick there. Otherwise, no one would have cared to even think about Big Brother. Just like untouchability here, racism there is a very sensitive issue or at least they make it so. Thats why all this hue and cry.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@vinay -- Read ur blog too.. :) publicity is ok.. reciprocity is expected :)

@deepak -- :) Yeah, the search will return some 'interesting' entries :)

@seagull -- Yeah, now I think thats true.. After the turbulent European histories of Nazism and Anti Semitism, Racism is a word that they can't tolerate .

Serendipity said...

"What ever you do, there will be narrow-mindedness in some" agreed :)

"Only things that keep my interest over this are the few possible quiz questions that I can frame out of this " lol