Nov 24, 2006

Movie Review - Casino Royale

Rating -- Just above average

Daniel Craig -- Not as suave as Brosnan..But certainly good..

Plot -- Good, but by the end it goes into a typical Bollywood style ..

Style quotient -- Not upto the mark..

Dialogues -- Classic.. Perhaps the best since Moore and Sean Connery..

Bond Gal -- mmm, should have been more exciting..But neverthless, was OK..

Direction -- Could have been better.. No match for the action sequences in "Tomorrow
Never" dies or "Golden Eye".

New urge -- I want to learn playing Bridge... With that, may be I would have been able to
enjoy those better..

Locations -- Good .. The Montenegran splendour is a perfect backdrop to gambling .

Overall view --
Perhaps the first Bond movie in which Bond puts his papers and get emotionally attached to a girl. But neverthless it was better in one more aspect that it didnt display any technological insanities ( remember invisible car -- Die another Day ) .. I was really impressed in the first half, if not by the Bond, but atleast by the storyline and the dialogues... But in the second half, the storyline takes an unhealthy turn which is perhaps a bit unfitting in a supposed to be spythriller... But it was certainly watchable...



Anonymous said...

And to think that this was the first Bond novel that got written...

I agree on the bollywood ishtlye. Bond was going gaga over his girl.

What about the chase at the construction site where he blows up an embassy ? I thought that was cool.


Anurag said... review...sahi hai
havent seen the movie....maybe at home :o)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Vinay -- The chase was cool..I would say, this Bond is more close to the fictional character penned by Fleming, but certainly less suave than Brosnan.. :)

@Anurag -- Do see it..Will be a welcome break from the studies at IIMA :)