Oct 27, 2006

Bye bye Hyderabad...

This is my last weekend of my 2-year stay here at Hyderabad.. I'm leaving this city for Bangalore on monday night.. It has been an enriching experience here .. So, dedicating this post for the good old mystical city of Nizams...

Increasingly cosmopolitan, good people to interact, reasonable cost of living , a blend of history and modernity ranging from the good-old forts of Golconda to the ultra hip-hop pubs, Hyderabad has everything.. More than eighty percent of the people know Hindi..So, not much problem on the language front..

If any of you are visiting Hyderabad, Dont miss these places...

1) Golconda Fort

-- Easily the most captivating place that I've been here in Hyd.. The ruins of the fort has a great charm. The sound & light show at night in which the history of the fort is narrated by Amitabh Bachchan is really a lifetime experience...

One photograph from our visit ( a bit old though )

2) Eat street

-- I haven't ever come accross a better place to hang around with friends..This place with lot of restaurants has a great atmosphere..It is just by the side of Hussain Sagar offering you a calm breeze and an awesome sight...

I don't have any photographs of this place with me now...Will putup one soon..

3) Ramoji film city

-- The quintessential Hyderabadi tourist spot.. A wonderland with excellent settings for movies.. Lot of movies including Sarfarosh, Udayanaanu thaaram ( Malayalam ) and many more are shot there... It takes one full day at the bare minimum to visit this place..

And , no visit to Hyderabad is complete without going to the famous Charminar.. Nothing extra-ordinary , other than the historical significance.

( With my parents and brothers @Charminar )

.. A very crowded place..Dont go there in your vehicles..Take a bus and go..Or hire a taxi.
There are other good places like Durgam Cheruvu ( the secret lake --- basically a place meant for couples ..and also singles like us for bird-watching :) ) , Salar-jung museum ( A statue called 'Veiled Rebecca ' -- one of the best architectural beauties that you can see ) , Runway-9 ( go-karting place ) etc.. etc..

Now letme see what Bangalore has in store for me..



മല്ലു ഫിലിംസ് said...

Cool places.
Love to visit them one day!

Sreejith Panickar said...

Informative! All the best again for a great Bangalore life!

Flyaway Mind said...

really a place named "eat street"..funny
never been to hyderabad ,but always wanted to see film city..

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@mallufilms --now thats a very weird blogger name :)

@sreejith -- thank you..

@flyaway mind -- Eat street is one of the 'happening places' just like forum :)

Hyderabadiz said...

Sir, once a hyderabadi is always a hyderabadi.
You will return at least seven time, take it as a plan for future.

Happy New Year.
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with full colors, animation and entertainment that is delicious too.
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Best, MT

Sudha Naik said...

Hello Ajith,

I had also spend two years of my life in hyderabad. I liked that place like anything. I was staying in madhapur and my favourite place was durgam cheruvu. We used to take a walk till there from the side of cyber gateway. A long walk in the evening. Sometimes used to go to the highest place on top of durgam cheruvu and sit there and watch all that is below.

Your blog bought my memories back. Thanks. :)

I would also love to visit the place again on a holiday. But i doubht whether I will get those moments back again. becasue there is a difference in being a visitor.