Oct 20, 2006


For the last few days, I've been extremely busy...A sudden increase in the workload with all those transfer pending matters, it was a bit hectic. This week also marked the first time when I gave bribe to a policeman :((

Till now, I've never had come across such a situation..But this guy proved to be a tough nut to crack..

For all people who are thinking of transferring the vehicles from one state to another , please don't run behind this procedure unless u know someone in police ..Its better to sell it off before you move.. The procedure to get NOC (No objection Certificate ) for transferring your bike from Hyderabad to another state is ..

1) Make sure that RC card has 'self-owned' ..i.e, if you have taken loan for buying car/bike, either close it or get a no-objection certificate from bank and change the owner to yourself rather than 'Hypothecated to ICICI bank' -- This costed me 700

2) Go to Police Control room, and you have to get a traffic police clearance certificate -- 120/- ( don't know what part of this was bribe and what was fees..but found that to be OK.. )

3) Commissioner's office -- Take xerox of RC,license,pollution certificate and write a request..They'll issue two papers - a) User-charge control b) telephone message -- Dont ask me what are these.. 100/- -no bribes here..

4) Go to local police station ( Madapur , near hitec city ) and ask them to do a verification....Here's where the trouble comes..

I went, filled all the forms and requested for verification.

A policeman, he seemed courteous enough helped me through this..In between he mentioned 'Kharcha lagega iske liye'... I said OK, expecting it to be minimal..After everything was done..he started talking about the rates..

Policeman ( PM ) : Minimum paanch sau to dena hai..
Me : (( Wtf ?? )) Sir, passport verification ko bhi sirf teen sau hote hai..
PM : Aisa kuch nahi hain..Paanch sau se kam nahin honge..
Me : Sir please...teen sau pe adjust karo..
PM : Nahi Ajith..Nahi Chalega..
This went on for a while..

By then, i knew it was a waste of time..

Multiple options came to me 1) Make a big noice and alert the inspector..But what if he too turned out to be of this type ?..
2) Leave all at that point, sell of the vehicle at Hyd and move off..
3) Pay it ....

Ultimately I paid..as I love my bike..not because its great, but its very comfortable to ride and I dont want to part with it quickly...

All said and done, the process is not complete yet..Got to go back to the commissioner's office and get to the next stage..After that, got to RTO.. I hope I dont have to come back to this Madhapur police station..

Running cost -- 1420/- + petrol + my valuable time ...

I hope I get it sorted out tomorrow :((

Finally , I got the NOC for bike..
last place was RTO office, which I did through an agent..

Expense in the last lap of the process : 730 /- ..I dont know which part
is a bribe ,which is the actual fee / how much went to the agent..Was too tired by this
stage to fret about that..

Total expense : 2150/- plus the cost of xerox of lot of papers plus petrol plus my time...



Mosilager said...

What a mess! The smuggling cartels won't go through any of this trouble (I assume that's whom the law was made for). aam janta will get screwed over.

Flyaway Mind said...

some people really misuse their power..sometimes we end up getting involved in these without any other option...wish ur bike the quickest journey to garden city:)

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!!

Sreejith Panickar said...

Interesting account! You have become a criminal, eh? To bribe is a crime! LOL! :-))

Hitchhiker said...

This is so extremely bad and the sad part is its so very common. Even I have tried my level best to not give bribes, in the end the cost to stay clean becomes too much

...gonna send your article to my dad who completely keeps ranting against such stuff all the time. Hope you dont mind :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@mosilager -- well, yep..aam Janta gets screwed up during such time..

@flyaway mind -- Yeah..I wish I get there quickly

@sanju --- that was the feeling at that time..what to do :(

@sreejith -- Technically , yes..

@hitchhiker -- No probs..if anything good turns out of it, let it be...

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@pooja -- a technical correction ..I'm moving out of Hyd , not into Hyd..And yeah, thanks for dropping by..

Anonymous said...

This is really scaring, I am moving out from Bangalore and don't have much time,let's see whether I will be able to get NOC or not.

Anonymous said...

Why dint you outsource the entire NOC getting work to some agent!!!

cheers, Piyush

Vijay said...

This is not so uncommon. You know I am being charged by the police of 1500 Rupees and now he is asking 1500 more for the passport verification after knowing that I need it urgently. That begger even started blackmailing me indirectly by saying that "Time padthundi otherwise". This is what the bloody police are. I want to call them nasty names but this site seems to be a decent one so I am controlling my angry