Sep 8, 2006


The craziest Harry Potter fan has tagged me to write on books .. Now , literature is a field, where I'm very poor..My old quizzing partners know, I sulk at the mention of a literature round. I'd prefer magazines over books anyday.. Still, I'd give a try on this in a light way

1) One book that has changed my life

Hmmm...I dont think till now any book that I've read has influenced me to this level..Maybe, 'Godfather' has influenced me a lot..But , book has changed my life yet..
About 'Godfather', Mario Puzzo rocks..its really great..But I would recommend you to read it only after attaining a certain amount of maturity in your life..The values imbibed by a 15 year old boy by reading this book will be completely different from those imbibed by a 23- 27 year old guy. To me, the greatest learning from that ... "Its contacts and obligations towards you that'll help you in life the most and succeed in it " .. courtesy, Don Corleone :)

2) One book that you have read more than once.

Well, it is a malayalam book.. "Dharmaraja" .It came as a part of our std 10 syllabus..But, yeah...I really enjoyed it .. Have read it many times..partly for studying, partly for enjoyment..

3) One book that you would want on a deserted Island

"The best from Bobanum Moliyum " -- By Toms..
Mallus know about it.. U can't write comics better than Toms.. On any day, his works score higher than Calvin , Dilbert or any of those. But ofcourse, U have to know malayalam.

4) One book that made you laugh

Obviously, the one mentioned in the above section will always make laugh.. But another entry that qualifies to be put here is not a book, but a blog .. For people who haven't been to Abhinav Jain's blog, take a look at of the best humorous blogs.

5) One book that made me cry

Hmmm..tough one...Can't think of anything here.

6) One book you wish had been written

Autobiography by Osama Bin Laden.. Just for academic interest :)

7) One book you wish had not been written.

A definite first --- Theory Of Computation by Harry R. Lewis,Christos H. Papadimitriou --- Computer science people know about this..Sigh! I passed this subject..This book has almost all kinds of printing symbols that you can make.. And tons of theorems which is incomprehensible for an average computer science student .. Software engineering by Ian Somerville comes a close second in this category for the boredom that it imparted to us during the fifth semester.

8) One book that you are currently reading

-- CAT Preparation materials from TIME, CL and some old material from IMS ( My last got to be serious enough ) .

9) One book that you have been meaning to read

Have kept couple of books ready for reading from Nov-20 ( Billi is on Nov-19 ) , which includes "To kill a mocking bird" by Harper Lee and "Son's of fortune" by Geoffery Archer...Anybody who has read these , please comment on them..

-- Well.. Time to pass this tag to some people.. I hereby tag

1) Flyawaymind
6++) -- Anybody who'll take this tag is also welcome -- any bookworms out there ??



Anonymous said...

Hi Ajith,

Thanks a lot for tagging me! You are the first to tag me!!!!

But, I have already taken this tag! Would like to see your views there.....

Tag me the next time you think of someone to, please..... :-)

Alex said...

I think you got the spelling of Jeffrey Archer wrong.
I am waiting to read the book by Harper Lee too.
Try reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

Anonymous said...

That was an interesting list man.... Books and blogs... LOL

Really funny, the mention of "CAT Preparation materials from TIME, CL and some old material from IMS" >> Nobody would have expected that! LOL....

Deepak said...

I totally agree with Godfather, because I have read it both as a school kid and as recent as last year.

Bobanum Moliyum...that's a good one too.

Sommerville...Now I remember I have something I wish had not been written. I was planning to kill Somettan during that time.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@Sreejith ..Will tag u the next time anything like this comes up. And yeah, CAT materials.. that'll be there till Nov-19.

@Alex -- Thanks for pointing my mistake..:) And thanks for dropping by..

@Deepak -- Godfather is a classic.. But yeah, people interpret it in different ways..Sommerville...Oh man, that was ultimate. 90 percent of the class used to doze off during those software engineering classes.

Alex said...

I am not the persom who conducted quizes.
Thanks for dropping by.

hope and love said...

intrsting post..

Flyaway Mind said...

ur list covers a wide range right from comics to techie stuff.. books u wish had not been written is too good.. i too have a loooong list of such books:) i remember the plots of dharmaraja were intricate..cant remember much except abt that chandrakkaran(???)

csy0182 said...

Hmm...i read "The Godfather" when I was 13 years old.. wonder what kind of effect it had on my development? :0.

Pretty interesting reading habits u've got dude.. u still remain a closed book wrt ur habits as such :D.

TOC by Papadimitrou.. actually I was pretty impressed by the amount of LaTex work that would have gone into it's publishing.. But it's a good book..'n has to be one among the better books in our curriculum along with Algorithms by CLR.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@hope and love -- thanks :)

@flyaawaymind -- Yeah, ToC book was a tough nut to crack..And Dharmaraja, that one is a classic..Yep, it is Chandrakkaaran :)

@chaos -- God Father when u were 13 ?? What u learned out of that book when you were so young... Am I really a closed book :) ??
Abt ToC, I agree the first part was sort of OK..But then, I also remember that before our ToC exam, it was u who mugged up that incomprehensible "post correspondence theorem" from that awful book :) Anyway, u were good in that :)

Anurag said...

u didnt tag me.....kamine :oX
not that i read many books...but still u didnt tag an avid blogger... :oX
neway nice post...u too read a lot dude......know a few more people who read so much

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@anurag-- Sorry manager saab..Didnt realise that u were having so much free time at IIMA :) .Will definitely tag u the next time..and yeah, u can take this up too :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..... a counter-tag! You have been tagged.... see my post on 'six things'

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..... a counter-tag! You have been tagged.... see my post on 'six things'

Hitchhiker said...

Thanks for the tag :) My Fav subject :) So will think a lot about it and post. I really liked the one book which you wish had been written! It makes a lot of sense. And billi preps :D....same pinch, dude, same pinch :) Best of luck :)

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@hitchhiker -- thanks..:) Billi preps to jari hai..but mock test scores are not looking good..Anyway lets see.

sush said...

Hi ajith,
I was searching for Papadimitriou
solutions and chanced upon your blog
and felt finally someone wrote about this disgusting book!!!
and now I discover that its on your never to be published list!!
but at least we agree on the authors height of crap
nice write up!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@sush -- He he..:) Its not just two of us..most computer science folks have the same feeling :) .. Enable access to ur blog - profile :)