Apr 28, 2006

Is this really worth it?

When I chose engineering as my career option against the wish of my mother who wanted me to take medicine, my reason was " Look , I'm good in maths, I dont like bio that much..and a good engineering degree would get me a good job very quickly ".. I slogged through the 4 years @NITC, got what everybody said was a dream job. Now I'm here in this silicon jungle of India , typing obscure code in this system, well paid and doing something for somebody..I wonder what will this add to my life other than money.. Ppl say that I'll have a great career, great life etc..They say,with this profession I'll get a beautiful girl as my wife, lead a well settled life...I really wonder whether I'll get somebody to marry me understanding me as an individual rather than looking at my degree and money. My mother gave me a short lecture yday on how I should treat my wife citing the example of another software couple in our family..Whatever be it, I feel every individual is distinct in his own right and trying to imitate somebody in our life would not be good.. Anyway, I'm faroff from such matters now..

I feel the need to do something different in this life, rather than leading a monotonous software life.Now I can describe my life as "software,friends,movies,net,books and occassional trips to home".I need to add something to this set..something meaningful and satisfying..That search is on..

Coming back to the topic..I'm standing today at the threshold of a potential 'big break' in corporate life.Whether it'll happen or not is still not clear.I'll have to wait for some more days.
But If I get, I'll take it earnestly..Not with an aim of amassing big wealth or hi-fi corporate career ; but with an aim of living my life differently, to discover myself and to do something good for the society.



Brijesh Nair said...

Hi Ajith,
I came to ur blog through Kerala Blogroll. I am 7 years senior to u(I passed engineering in '97). Eventhough I did my Civil Engineering I landed up in a software job in citibank. 3 years of coding there was too much for me and I decided to resign and go for higher studies. U can also think in that lines.
You have got a very good blog. Continue the good work.

Anonymous said...

4 me only concern is y ur mom gave u advice on how 2 treat ur wife. are u goin 2 b the follower of dasan -- arunjith

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

Nice to meet an REC alumnus here. Thinking about higher studies..yes.

No way :) . Not in the immediate future.