Feb 19, 2006

Wikipedia - taking the place of google ?

I've got stuck to wikipedia for some time as I'm in search for a vast variety of topics these days..Ranging from Probability distributions to Indian history, i've been reading a lot .. Compared to google, if u know the exact phrase to be searched, wiki is a better option. 99% of the searches in wiki will get the correct pages. If it doesnt have info , it clearly says that. And many of the google searches invariably lead to wiki. I think this is perhaps the tool which will challenge the hegemony of google once it gets popular among the average user...
A bit busy, so an abrupt stop to the blog today...



srijithunni said...

Hi !

Just got by your blog..
Nice One..

As for Wikipedia, yeah I agree it`s good, but when you have certain specific things to search,
google is easier to use, I guess.

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Scoot said...

wiki is the thing right now

Sumit panwar said...

Ya it's true, I also observed it...But can't deny with the efficient and correct results provided by google, Wikipedia is the just in childhood stage .... I think..

Anonymous said...

wiki cannot be a google.....
wiki is only information provider...it cannot give a information regarding a real time data like news,results etc

Anonymous said...

pretty stupid thing to say really.
you're comparing apples to oranges. no wait, apples to potatoes.

google is a search engine.
wikipedia is a repository.

get a dictionary, check up the meaning. better yet, check it out on wikipedia.