Feb 17, 2006

Political parties & Principles ? Mutually exclusive terms

True to the spirit of being world's largest democracy, you can find political parties of all sorts of names and fashions.... Whenever a split comes in a political party, ppl tend to form new parties taking bits and peices from the list of words which goes like this -- 'Nationalistic, Democratic,Rashtriya, Congress,Samaj, Dal,socialist....It goes on' .You can find parties which do sense or have no knowledge about their names....

The party formed on the ideals of erstwhile Ram Manohar Lohya, perhaps the greatest socialist India has produced indulging in caste based politics..The parties bearing a religion's name and even restricting the primary membership of that party to one particular religion claiming to be a secular party, people who were brought to the forefront by the great JayaPrakash Narayanan organising perhaps the second biggest corruption scandal in India ( The first place goes to Abdul Karim Telgi ,undoubtedly ), the so called NCP allying with congress compromising the very basic principle under which it was formed....., politics nowadays is all about opportunism, capturing power and making money..

Well, ever thought about what could be the worst name to a political party ? Come to my home state , the God's own country...U can see in most places banners heralding the new political formation in kerala --- DICK -- yes , thats the name.. It has been there for about 5 months.. It reads "Democratic Indira Congress Karunakaran" ..Still wondering , how could they choose such a name..In the coming months, u'll be able to see the banners bearing this name multiplying in numbers as the assembly elections near... And the latest news is that they are seeking alliance from AIADMK .. Thats another opportunistic pole vault...

Perhaps one good news is the growing popularity of Paritrana . A group of people passionate about reforming the system...Hope they'll succeed.


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