Dec 24, 2005

One night @TCC

I'm not a regular reader.From the childhood, I've preferred magazines and news papers over books. My old quizzing friends know, i sulk at the mention of literature round in quizzes, though my guesswork has helped me sometimes.I think I can count the books which I've read using my fingers.. Perhaps I'll be the only one who has stopped reading Da Vinci code midway, not because i didnt like it...but I didnt find it captivating enough...( I've the book and I hope to read it completely one day)

Perhaps the only previous book which really captivated me was Chetan Bhagat's 'Five point someone'. That was really engrossing.. So, today i though I'll give the second one from the author a try. Bought 'One night at the call centre' and yeah, finished it in about6 hours..partly because I didnt want to come back to this book after some more days as the interest would be lost..

Now about the book.I cannot say that it is bad..But if you are expecting the same level of 5 point some one, then u r in for a disappointment. In the first book, it was elements of fiction interspersed in the more or less real life incidents..Here its the other way round.. By the end,it becomes like a Hindi movie where hero and heroine unites and kisses in a busy road...The so called 'plot' to set the call centre right, prevent layoffs -- is too ridiculous to say the least...I see far too many elements of impracticality creeping into this work...But yeah, he might have picturised the life of call centre employees correctly... Can't really comment on that aspect as I'm not from that industry. But somehow, the combination of drinks,drive and sex wrapped with post modern attitudes of both women and men didnt look good to me....Even, the casting couch
comes into the story....

But the point in the story is not that..It is about what one should do in his/her career. Or rather, this Q comes from a more elementary Q.. -- Whats the purpose of ur life -- . Either way, I'm not dwelling much into those aspects...I'd write on and on if i go into those topics..

Overall, a reasonable book to read... 95/- is the MRP. So , worth a try especially for the IT folks like me.



csy0182 said...

I bought it on 19th Nov...(I remember clearly , the day before the CAT debacle :) ). It's a waste of money dude. Doesn't even come within light years of 5PS.

sheela said...

U have one more company ajith . U know i borrowed that DA VINCI CODE from my colleague i feel so dam sleepy if i open it forget reading i sleep when i open i think it is not my cup so only i have just kept lets see . I read my own books a lot but i can not some how these novel hats off to my sis she eats novels like anything... good interests differ we can not inclucate things from some one ..