Dec 18, 2005

A gruesome murder.

One of the most shocking murder tales in recent times.. The rape and murder of a BPO employee working in HP , shocked the corporate world. I've heard of IT employees returning late night being robbed at knife point..but this was beyond them all..Had the company helpdesk reacted quickly after the regular driver informed them, maybe this could have been avoided.
Her family and relatives would have to live with this terrible incident for the rest of their lives.
What makes this more worrying is that this happened to an employee of a reputed multi national firm which has the capacity to provide adequate security arrangements..Think about the situations in those numerous 'fly by night' BPOs. Had this incident happened in US/UK , the government would have punished the employer ...

Telling BPOs not to put women at night shift is impractical. But, its high time that the companies provide adequate security arrangements to women.. Corporate world does not want trade unionism in this sector...Well, fair enough..Being from kerala, I can understand the rationale behind that thought...But unless they correct their mistakes, improve the infrastructure, its going to be tough..


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