Dec 28, 2005

Cellular Nuisance

Time : 10.30 PM .
Mood : Tired..Really tired after the days work. Just reached home.

Cell vibrates ,
Message : "Hi wanna make 'frandship' with u. Interested ? "
Response: I already had enough for the day. What else I do..Delete.

10 minutes late..
Cell vibrates , same message ..
Response : "I'm a guy. U still want to make friendship ? "..Reply sent

Deleted that too as capacity of Nokia 1100 is less..
No response till now.. i could sleep peacefully.

Woes of desparate seeking souls and free sms packages.....Hmmm



csy0182 said...

there used to be a time when I welcomed sms ( from a select few..)... now it's become a torture...

Anonymous said...

At least she's no long-winded.
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