Jun 30, 2005

Is there a thing called destiny ?

I believe yes.. There is something called destiny. Often people ask the question - " If everything is ordained , then what is the meaning of all which we do in our life ? If I'm destined to become famous in Computer Science, then why should I study ? why should I work ? Afterall it is guaranteed that I'll be famous one day "

The answer is a little bit complex.. The inner meaning of destiny is something different.. It does not mean that everything you do / receive is already decided somewhere.. It means that some chances will come your way. . It is your part to capitalise on that... Some say that Shah Rukh Khan was destined to become a superstar. I'll interpret it in a different way.. Shah Rukh came across some chances , in which destiny played a part...Infact many people would have had come across similar chances. But SRK capitalised on those opportunities...And ofcourse, fortune favours the brave.. Similarly at one point or other all of will come across some chances, it need not be in the avenue that we work upon..Could be in a totally different one. It is upto us to capitalise on those.

I'd put another aspect.. Ever wondered who'll be your life partner ? Someone whom you have not met at all..Someone sitting in some corner of the world ... Or it could be your very own friend.. But I definitely say that it is not fixed/ordained somewhere. Nowhere is it written that you'll endup marrying this girl... It is only that some chances will come in everybody's life . If you and the other person manage to communicate, and pick up those strings of destiny,u'll end up being together in life...

So the next time when you get to know someone and u think that he/she can be your life partner, realise that it is destiny which is giving you this chance... Give a try. It could turn out
to be a success...

" Humans have the power to do anything -- But circumstances should be favourable "


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